Upcoming Charity Events in June

15/6/17 In support of this great charity we will be hosting a ‘Den Day’. We will be building dens and camps with children at nursery on this day. By doing so we will hopefully raise money to change children’s lives! Please send your child with a donation.

23/6/17 Armed Forces Day in the United Kingdom is an annual event celebrated in late June to commemorate the service of men and women in the British Armed Forces.
Children attending nursery on Friday 23rd June will have the chance to be a soldier for the day….dress up, obstacle courses, marching….

30/6 /17 Come to nursery dressed in your tutu or see if Spiderman can do the shimmy! A donation to this charity, no matter how big or small will make a huge impact to the lives of families affected by cancer. So why not get grooving!



Exploring our nursery!

It is very deceiving looking at our nursery from the front, you only see a detached house. What you don’t see are the vast outside areas that we have and that the children can explore, play, rest, read, ride, swing, slide, get wet, plant, chalk and experiment in. Courtesy of Chris Parkes, Surf Works we now have colourful banners describing our areas….