Employee of the Month – February

Emily Webb received a nomination from a parent who said;


“Emily has a lovely bond with my son and you can see how fond he is of her.  This has made the start of our journey much easier and reassuring.  She is also very informative when collecting my son and nothing seems too much.  Thank you Emily.”


Emily will receive paid time off in recognition of her dedication.

Staff Member of the Month – November

Emily Webb is our Employee of the Month for November.  She was nominated by 2 parents who said…
“Emily has a really nice bond with my daughter.  Our baby is thriving in her care, she is caring and loving towards her.  Just knowing that our baby is so cared for gives us peace of mind for the day.  Emily takes time on collection to inform me how my daughter’s day has been.  Emily is a very polite and kind lady.”
“Emily has been very helpful over the past few weeks regarding my son.  She is always so happy to speak to and very informative about his activities and behaviour throughout the day.  She is honest about if he has been up to mischief and isn’t afraid to correct him which helps him understand and continue good behaviour at home.  She is very hardworking and chatty.”
Congratulations Emily, you will receive half a day off in recognition of your dedication.