Kids Klub – Holiday Club


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Welcome to our school holiday club/Kids Klub. We are an OFSTED inspected  school holiday play scheme and provide activities for school aged children aged 5-14+ years – before and after school, during all school holidays, and more importantly – WE OPEN WHENEVER YOUR SCHOOL CLOSES !! – no matter what the reason – weather, teacher training days, voting days etc.

Our Kids Klub offers fantastic facilities, including extensive outdoor spaces for children in the summer holidays, in a safe and secure environment. Our team look after your children providing fun activities, and during holidays will often taken klub members out to local parks as well.


For more information you can download the parent pack or book a visit

Say hello to our school holiday club/Kids Klub committee, voted into office during the summer holidays. Why not put your name forward this year to become a committee member? You are the voice of all the young people using the school holiday club/Kids Klub – their suggestions for trips, days out, new equipment, new agenda items – all topics, are your concern and you can make sure the Management Team of the school holiday club/Kids Klub take all the members’ ideas on board and perhaps incorporate them into the school holiday club/Kids Klub programme??

Another difference with our school holiday club/Kids Klub is that out of 9 nursery nurse staff, 4 are also qualified in Playwork, we employ only specialists in their field!

This facility is registered for approximately 16 children attending daily Kids Klub in school holidays and/or before & after school club.

For more information please contact our Playwork Co-ordinator on 01562 67709. Email:

The aims of our school holiday club/KIDS KLUB are as follows: –

• To provide high quality structured and fun activities for children.

• To create a safe, caring and stimulating environment.

• To provide clear boundaries in terms of acceptable behaviour, and use encouragement and praise as rewards for good behaviour.

• To build each child’s self-esteem together with mutual care and respect for others.

• Value each child as an individual with its own needs and personality.

• To encourage a positive attitude with respect towards racial origins, religions, differences of gender

Any time the young people remain in Kids Klub the daily routine is comprised of both structured adult-led activities, as well as unstructured child initiated sessions.


• Dance/Drama – from on-site staff and visiting tutors to increase their ‘street cred’……………

• Computers – supervised games, design work, poster building and homework !!

• Cooking – seasonal, high days and holiday cooking, both hot and cold cooking opportunities

• Outdoor games – Connect 4, football, basketball, Jenga,

• Daily competitions & quizzes – associated with the school holiday e.g. February 1/2 term – Valentines Day,

• Creative activities – skills encouraged with materials and equipment supplied by the holiday club

• Messy activities – independant or in groups, on-site or off…….pond dipping comes to mind….

Plus lots of other fun filled activities!!!!!