Room Hire

The Kidderminster nursery has its own training room that can be made available to the general public on both evenings and at week-ends and also during the day for meetings, term time only. Pre-payment is required for all hire days.

The main room is an adequate size of 24′ x 14′ and has comfortable seating for 30 people. Height adjustable tables can also be provided of both 5′ and 6′ in length. There is a kitchenette equipped with a  fridge to keep all plated foods chilled and a microwave for the heating/reheating of foods. There are also separate toilet facilities equipped with soap dispensers, hot air hand dryer and paper towel dispenser. The area has central heating , is doubled glazed and has the use of 2 ceiling fans for hot and humid days.

The room itself offers a variety of uses –  training room, workshop room, meeting room. Meals and snacks can be accessed from nearby food outlets and brought into the building as and when required.

The room is equipped with:-

 6 whiteboards, wall mounted and interchangeable

a pull-down screen for use with power point presentations/dvd showcase/ohp presentations

power point with stand

ohp with stand


a free standing filtered water machine/cup dispenser

complimentary tea/coffee facilities

Hire of equipment is charged on an as and when used basis

Through double doors, there is access to a large decking area equipped with patio tables/chairs to accommodate 16 people seated which leads down into the quiet Japanese garden should any guest wish to use for  taking private telephone calls or if required, a smoking area.

There is a daytime room hire fee of £70/day and separate night-time hire charge of £10/hour for the use of the room. Tea and coffee is available during  the day and is free of charge. There is also a free standing water dispenser sited within the room for visitors use throughout the day.

 Please refer all enquiries to the office on 01562 67701.