23 April 2010 – St. George’s Day

Lunch time with St. George


Children at the Kidderminster nursery had a celebratory lunch in honour of England’s patron saint, St. George today.

Lunch was a traditional English meal of – fish, chips and peas followed by apple pie and custard and afternoon tea was strawberry jam sandwiches, sausage rolls and red jelly and ice-cream !!!

The day was spent enjoying tradtional playground games with party games including musical chairs happening in the afternoon.

Happy Birthday !!!

Happy Birthday !!

The Kiddies Day Nursery celebrates 21 years of successful trading on 10 April 2010 – what an achievement!!!! 

16 staff took part in the photo above, but lets not forget Charlotte Finlay who has been part of our team for 2 years, Elizabeth Jones, the cook from our Kidderminster nursery who celebrates 4 years employment, Colin Southall, the cook from our Stourport nursery who celebrates 10 years with us this year and the man taking the photo, Gary Southall who has been the lynch pin of the organisation since its conception in 1989!

The photo above recognises from left to right – standing up – Denise Hodgetts, owner and her daughter Sofia Middleton, admin manager. Staff in the back row – Emma McHale 4 years, Janice Parkes (Stourport Manager ) – 21 years, Kelly Gregg – 7 years, Leah Wooldridge – 2 year returner, Laura Parker – 4 years, Lisa Hurdman – 10 years, Catherine Thomas – 2 year returner and Yola Mullard – newly appointed Polish speaking early years teacher – 1 year.  Front row – left to right – Suki Bassi – 3 years, Natalie Smith – 6 years, Kelly Pandhal – 1 year, Farhana Begum – 9 years returner, Sarah Hollyoak – 1 year and finally Claire LeRiche – 4 years.

10 April 2010 – 21 years of service…….Janice Parkes

Well done and thank you Janice for the past 21 years of service to The Kiddies Day Nursery!!!

Janice, now the Manager of the Stourport nursery,  joined the staff of the Kidderminster nursery unit on her birthday way back in 1989 and with all the excitement, pressure and anxiety that goes with opening your own business, it took the owner, Denise, 6 months to realise that she had opened the doors of her business on Janice’s birthday, which had gone unnoticed  !!!!

Ever the stalwart, Janice did not hold it against her, and they have remained working colleagues and firm friends from that day until now. Thank you Janice…… here’s to the next 21 years !!!!

February 2010 – Employee of the Year! – Lisa Hurdman

NVQ Level 3 - Childcare Learning & Development

 Well done Lisa !!!

The most nominated member of staff during the year 2009 entitles Lisa to the Award of Employee of the Year.

Lisa is celebrating 10 years of employment with The Kiddies Day Nursery and achieving this Award is the icing on the cake for a year of other celebrations as well.

2009 also changed Lisa Willis into Lisa Hurdman with the wedding to Lee being celebrated as well !!!

Congratulations Lisa, well done…..

February 2010 – Employee of the Month – Yola

Well done Yola. This is the first time you have achieved this Award and considering you only joined the nursery in March last year, you have obviously made an impact.

Parents commented on your friendly, cheery manner and your way of acknowledging both child and parent on arrival and departure from the nursery. “asking how we have been during the day, is just as effective for me as informing me about how my child passed his time. Thank you Yola”

Paternity changes announced


Paternity Changes announced
    Under new Government plans, due to take effect for babies born after 3rd April 2011, fathers will be able to take up to six months’ paternity leave while their child’s mother returns to work. This is in addition to the current paternity leave legislation which gives fathers 2 weeks paternity leave but offers more flexibility for the last 6 months of maternity leave as under the new plans, parents can transfer the second half of the mothers maternity leave to the father.

So will it be paid? Yes but not full pay. During the paid element, the fathers would be eligible for statutory government pay of £124.08 a week. They would then be allowed to take an additional unpaid three months off, which would effectively allow couples to have a total of 12 months’ leave between them (6 for the mother, 6 for the father).

Whilst these measures allow for more flexibility, particularly for families where the mother is the higher earner, there has been criticism from many sectors that these plans put more pressure on businesses in an already difficult economic climate. It is difficult to predict how many families will take up this alternative, however, ministers estimate that between 4% and 8% of those eligible for the new leave will take it, with only 1% of small businesses expected to be affected.

There is also a question over whether this scheme is open to fraudulent claims. Official documents reveal there will be no eligibility checks by the Government when fathers have the right to extended leave. Fathers are only entitled to take the leave if their wife or partner has gone back to work but Government papers suggest that employees will be able to ‘self-certify’ that they are eligible, prompting concerns that businesses could be de-frauded by men whose partners have not really returned to work.

Watch this space!