Baby Unit


With our Kidderminster nursery caring for 12 babies  The Kiddies Day Nursery is the largest provider of baby care in this area!

Our baby unit has child sized furniture and shelving to encourage even the very young to be inquisitive and independent. Mobility is encouraged with the use of push-n-ride toys and the use of a ballet bar, which enables the crawlers to pull themselves up into a standing position. Floor games, exercises, crawling etc., are encouraged and co-ordination is promoted through the use of bright, colourful and non-harmful toys and equipment. Music and movement are actively participated in throughout the day with the use of audio sound equipment and musical instruments.

Our younger babies are motivated by the use of activity mats and multi-gyms together with their own ballet bar, recliner chairs and soft play toys.

As part of the EYFS our baby unit promotes Personal, Social and Emotional development, Communication and Language and Physical development throughout the day. Our baby unit is separate from our toddler and pre-school area. The babies have 4 rooms upstairs in the nursery. They have an Activity room for floor play, construction and/or music, a Creative room for developing their artistic side, a soft play room to encourage physical development and a designated sleep room.

The sleep room is peaceful and tranquil in both decor and music. Although the lights are dimmed, comfort is gained by our little people from the soft glow of the bubble machine and interest is held watching the fishes floating about inside. With the aid of classical music, the babies are encouraged to rest at intervals throughout the day.

All designated meals and snacks included in the price !!!  Check out our menus…..

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Babies – Typical Daily Routine

Individual routines are drawn up between staff and parent/carers when they enrol into the nursery and as each day is a ‘growing’ day, the routines are amended to meet the needs of the growing child on a regular basis.

Welcome and breakfast for the early arrivals.


All children arriving will split into cluster, key person groups who offer supported free flow play opportunities.

9.00-10.00am and 10.30-11.30am

Following the weekly planning sheet for the day’s learning opportunities derived from Look, Listen and Note.

The following opportunities will be available for the children to experience:
Water/Sand/Story-time/Painting/Treasure Baskets/ Dancing/Singing/Floor Toys/Musical Toys/Heuristic Play and Outdoor Play

Together time with key carer……….


Snack time (always healthy) – singing – action rhymes

Nappy change and some bottle-feeding will take place during this time

Lunch Time – small sociable groups with children sitting at tables and using equipment suitable to their height and level of development. High chairs lowered, form small groups, with staff supervising the meal and assisting where necessary.

For some children it is home time, for others it is sleep time, and for those children not requiring/not needing a rest, there are quiet activities inside and/or garden time outside.


Nappy change time. Drinks of water offered regularly throughout the day. Afternoon – learning opportunity time – derived from Look, Listen and Note.

Observing the weekly planning sheets

The following opportunities will be available for the children to experience: water, sand, story-time, painting, treasure baskets, dancing, singing, floor toys, musical toys, heuristic play with daily outdoor activities, weather permitting.

Together time with key persons …….. 

Afternoon tea / story time


Child initiated play in key carer groups

For more information you can download the parent pack or book a visit