Pre – School


All pre-schoolers (3-5 year olds) take part in baseline assessment activities, which cover the 7 Early Learning Goals: Prime areas cover Personal, Social and Emotional Development , Communication & Language, and Physical development. Specific areas of learning cover Literacy, Math, Expressive Art & Design and Understanding the World. There is a balance throughout the day of both adult-led and child-led activities.

The Kidderminster nursery welcomes Polish speaking and Spanish speaking pre-schoolers!

As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage our planning encourages all pre-schoolers (3-5 year olds) in letter and word recognition as well as offering them the opportunity of taking part in the Early Learning Goal activities designed for their participation and ability. Weekly planning sheets are displayed on the parent’s notice board to inform them of the daily/weekly activities their child is participating in, and should clarification be needed, staff are available on a daily basis to talk and inform parents about their child’s ability and/or concerns.

All ages have access to computers on a daily basis as well as daily craft activities including painting, pasting and model making. Sand and water play is available inside and outside both nurseries. The separate Activity Room is equipped with a variety of materials and equipment to support the EYFS e.g. home corner, role-play area, small world equipment, book corner etc.

The nursery is set inside a large, enclosed walled garden PROVIDING 6 AREAS OF OUTDOOR PLAY.  When the gates of the nursery are closed the children enjoy using the hard surface with their trikes and bikes as well as using the area to run around unhindered by static equipment.  As you come down the path, to the left there is a large lawned area equipped with an outdoor music area, a large mark making blackboard, a threading tree, sand and water equipment including free standing gulley’s to measure daily water flow. On the right there is a dry area with a large outdoor sand pit, a play house, a newly introduced mud kitchen and vegetable growing tubs. To the side of the nursery there is a fixed park area with swings, slides and climbing frame set into an all-weather surface allowing children access to the outdoors regardless of the weather. At the front of the nursery we have a mini football pitch, again with an all-weather surface. This area gives run around space for both nursery babies and children as well as the older children using our Kids Klub during school closure days. Also at the front of the building is our Japanese garden which gives nursery children the opportunity of bug hunting and older Kids Klub children a space to chill and relax during warmer days.

Our pre-school group have attended the Forest School previously. Walking through woodland has helped to develop a curiosity in the children for the great outdoors and stimulates their imagination for all creatures both great and small…………………….(more info given under ‘our nursery’ tab).

All meals and snacks included in the price !!!  Check out our menues……

For more information you can download the parent pack or book a visit

A typical day would include:-

8.00am Welcome & Free Play
Breakfast for the early arrivers. During this time parents and children are welcomed by staff.  The children choose their free play activities.

9.00am–10.00am and 10.30-11.30am- BOB Time- Best of Both-child-initiated and adult led activities
The children are gathered together and staff engage the children with discussions about the day.

Pre-school children work in small groups with an adult, following their EYFS programme. This may include creative activities, role-play activities or using the gardens as their outdoor classroom.

The younger children, 3 – 3 1/2 yr olds, will be encouraged to take from the activities as much as their level of development will allow them. Should a younger child need extra help due to lack of understanding and/or days attended, then staff are available to give 1-1 attention to stimulate their interest and encourage their efforts.

10.00am – 10.30am

Mid-morning snack time (always a healthy option)
Children often serve themselves homemade flapjack, dried fruit, fresh fruit and drinks.  Children are encouraged to return their dishes to the snack trolley and then return the trolley to the kitchen for clearing.  Drinking water is available throughout the day from the free-standing filtered water machines located throughout the nursery.

 11.30-12.15pm Lunch

Having achieved the Gold Award in Health in the Early Years we are able to offer our children a choice of hot healthy meals daily. See menu selection….

Using tables and chairs suitable to their age and/or level of development, the children enjoy a varied and healthy diet during which they are encouraged to try all new foods themselves. The children actively participate in laying the tables and clearing away. A room leaders ‘assistant’  is appointed daily to build up confidence and to encourage the children to be responsible and to be caring to their peers.

For some children it is home time, for others it is sleep time, and for those children not requiring/not needing a rest, there are quiet activities inside and/or garden time outside.

2.00pm – B.O.B Time (Best of Both – child initiated and adult led activities)
The children are gathered together and staff engage the children with discussions about the day. Some children work in small groups with an adult and the remaining children have the choice of activities, such as role play, construction, mark making and painting. There is a host of free play activities to choose from inside and outside (irrespective of weather – under cover outdoor areas are available).

 3.00pm – Snack time (Always a healthy option)
We celebrate the afternoons achievements followed by a story or music time.

 4.00pm – Afternoon Tea

During our Tea time period the children enjoy a choice of healthy foods – menus displayed…..

Child initiated activities are offered inside and outside the building, under the watchful eye of friendly staff ready to help and extend the child’s learning as and when necessary.

5.00-6.00pm – Nursery Closes
Children are collected by parents and say goodbye for the day, collecting their precious works of art to take home and display to their parents/carers.

For more information you can download the parent pack or book a visit