Eco School Programme

2018 – January

We have now gained our ‘Silver’ certificate from the Woodland Trust.

In order to gain our bronze and silver certificates as a nursery we have….recycled Christmas cards, reduced our CO2 emissions by switching off lights and closing doors, planted trees, explored our woodland area and the children have shared what they saw in images and words.  We are now well on the way to our ‘gold’ award!

Woodland Schools – Silver Award

Woodland Schools – Bronze Award 2017 – June



The Kiddies Day Nursery has a new clothing bank situated in the recycling area of it’s carpark.

Recycling Area

We need your help to fill it!

Please recycle your textiles (clothes, bags, shoes, belts, towels, bed linen) and bring them into nursery to recycle.




The Kiddies Day Nursery – Eco School Programme

The Eco schools programme was developed in 1994 to involve young people in finding solutions to environmental and sustainable development challenges at a local level, as identified at the UN conference on environment & development of 1992, otherwise known as earth summit.

The Eco schools programme aims to raise children’s awareness of the environment and related sustainable development issues through classroom study together with school and community action.

Pupils are encouraged to take an active role in practical steps to reduce the environmental impact of the nursery.

Eco schools help to extend learning from the setting and develop responsible attitudes and commitment both at home and in the wider community. The Eco schools green flag, awarded to schools with high achievement in their programme is a recognised and respected Eco-label for environmental education and performance.

In March 2009 The Kiddies Day Nursery, Kidderminster unit,  joined the Eco schools programme and since then has been working hard to contribute to a sustainable environment detailed in their Action Plan (see below).  The aim is to make children and their families more Eco aware.

The Kidderminster unit achieved the Bronze Award  in April 2009 closely followed by the  Silver and Gold Award in July 2009.

Environmentally friendly children from the Kidderminster nursery shot to the top of the award stakes by securing their first coveted Eco-Schools Green Flag Award. 

The Green Flag arrived in Kidderminster in May 2010 and all the nursery children watched as the flag was raised!

Eco schools encourage children to look at problems from how much rubbish they throw out to how much electricity they waste and create an action plan to sort them out.

Our Eco co-ordinator  said, “Obtaining the Green Flag Award is something that the whole nursery and its surrounding community can be proud of. Each of our children will be able to take away some degree of satisfaction in the knowledge that their actions have significantly altered their local environment. It has been a fantastic initiative for all involved, however it is by no means over, as the greater challenge is to maintain what we have achieved so far and look towards ways of improving even further.” 

The children have been working their little socks off to transform their nursery’s daily routine into one that benefits the environment. Simple changes, like ensuring all unnecessary lights are switched off and that paper, cans and other materials are recycled. Plus, the Eco-Schools programme not only changes and improves the environment – it has also helped to lower the nursery’s running costs. Collection boxes are in place at nursery for children to collect – used postage stamps, old dvds, cds, computer games, toner cartridges, and more recently –  an unwanted bra collection bin!! As well as a large galvanised bin located in the car park for the collection of textiles – including bedding, belts, shoes and bags!!!

The benefits of working towards an award such as the Green Flag extend beyond the improvement of the environmental quality of the nursery. The programme gives the children a sense of responsibility and pride in what they have achieved. With this comes the hope that the children will continue this behaviour in the wider community.   EcoFriendlyKids is all about kids and their environment. Containing a wealth of information, tips, quizzes and fun games for children, this site is ideal for parents who want to share in their kids’ adventures as they start to explore the natural world, and to guide them towards a more in-depth understanding of ecological issues as they grow older.